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Application [11 Mar 2017|11:02pm]
Examples are not required.

IC journals, please. This does not have to simply be a character's name, but can have variant words. However, at least part of your character's name should be in the journal name.

A formal bio is not required. However, we would like some information about your character. Name/age/occupation and some other details, and kinks and limits are required.

Please make sure you have checked with other members of your character's immediate family or with their significant other to be sure the role is still available before setting up and applying.

The current character limit is a maximum five per player.

Only members of the Curtis family and their significant others are available as played characters.

If you are wanting to see what roles are available, join and post or comment in [info]fslines, which has open membership.

Apply to join the communities:



Comment below with your journal and character's name and position in the family.

The moderators reserve the right to refuse any application we do not feel fits in with the game.
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Holds [10 Mar 2017|03:28pm]
If you would like to hold a pb or character, here is the place to do it.

Holds last for three days, with an optional 24 hour extension.

Current character limit is five per writer.
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Still here [07 Mar 2017|10:01am]
I don't know when the issues will be resolved, but for anyone coming here, yes, I'm still here and planning to start this up.

If anyone can't see the custom due to the downtime/issues, comment the screened post below and let me know.

[13 Dec 2016|09:25am]
Please note, if you were discussing before the holidays hit, and you can't see this custom: I haven't added you to the new group as it's been a while and I wasn't sure you were still around. If still interested, comment in the post below and I will add you.
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[02 Dec 2016|05:19pm]
Screened comments.

Anon comments are disabled.
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